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Party Planner

August 1, 2010

In another life I think I would have been a party planner. An event coordinator if you will.. among other things such as a movie star, singer, archaeologist, fashion designer, Author.. yeah, i don’t know where archaeologist came from.. it’s just always fascinated me. I also think I might have a smidgen of undiagnosed ADD, so being a mom is the perfect solution. I don’t have time or resources to really NERD out on any of these things, but in small ways I get my fix.

I am the star of my own family home videos.. or at least I would be if I wasn’t always the one filming.

I sing in the shower every morning, and in my car on those rare occasions that I’m driving alone.. ah who am i kidding; I’m completely shameless and sing anyway. I promised myself that I would stop once my kids were old enough to remember, but that time came and went years ago.

I uncover findings all the time. I don’t know how digging up bones and artifacts that are thousands of years old could be more interesting than food in the sofa cushions and library late slips under beds.

I don’t really design clothes, but I do get to experience what it would be like to sit in on fashion week where the models look like they just stuck their finger in a light socket (this is what happens when your kids have more hair than they are capable of combing) and they are wearing ridiculous outfits that you would NEVER actually see on anyone out in the real world. What can I say, we’re fabulous.

And look at me authoring it up. See all my dreams have come true.

I love kids birthday parties because your subjects will go along with just about anything and they appreciate the fruits of your labor.

6 months ago we moved into a cottage in the woods.. and by cottage I mean a contemporary house that looks like a cabin in Tahoe all angular, and by woods I mean we share our property with a lot of furry creatures that eat everything that tries to grow. And as my little girl’s 3rd birthday approached, I realized that I have the perfect setting to bring my woodland fairy party idea to life. She wanted strawberry shortcake, but seriously.. I’m big she’s small.. I win.

I had a lot of fun dreaming up ideas, and although only a small portion of them actually came to fruition, I think it turned out pretty cute so I’ll share the dete’s.

I found these invitations and address labels on etsy and fell in love. The ones below aren’t mine, but they looked the same just with different information but since this is a public blog, I’m going to spare my family of the psycho stalkers that i’m sure i have out there in blogland. Anyway, Paper & Pigtails was so helpful and easy to work with. I will definitely be shopping with them again.


My wording was:

In an enchanted forest, not too far
is where the playful fairies are

On July 26th come shine or rain
please flutter to __________ Lane

At 10 am the whimsy starts
and then and NOON it all departs

So please bring your imagination
to ____’s 3rd birthday celebration

Here are some picture of the party. My original idea was to have the party down in the wooded area of our property, but I was undermined by poison oak:( so we reverted to the deck. The picture of the kids are family and family friends, but the rest of the guests were 2-3 yr. olds, so there wasn’t really a lot of structure. And it appears that all of their wings are upside down.

The decorate your own wings are from Oriental trading Company
The sandwiches are strawberry jam and strawberry cream cheese mixed
The tutu’s are super easy to make. I just double knotted mine and I sewed the elastic rather than stapling.
The wands are foam balls covered in flowers and stuck on dowels
The cookie wands are marshmallow fondant on cookies on a stick with the little edible beads stuck on with royal icing (it helps if you have a cake/cookie decorator friend to help you and keep you entertained during the process:)
The place mats i made from flower petals at the dollar tree and 12x 12 scrapbook paper (I went through 5 bags of 300 petals)
The tree stumps are from my neighbor’s yard from a big tree they cut down (good luck with that) and the scalloped tops are felt And the pretty fabric/table cloths are left over from my sister’s wedding. (thanks mom)

And a special thanks to my amazing friend, (you know who you are). she makes the most amazing cakes and not only did she help me with the cookies on a stick, she stayed late into the night to help me with my toadstool cake! I know that if I wasn’t there to hinder her expertise it would have turned out better, but I appreciate her helping me and allowing me to try out something new.

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  1. August 2, 2010 6:03 pm

    Wow! That is impressive. All I want to know, is where was my invite and tutu?

  2. August 9, 2010 9:45 am

    I, too, am a designer in my dreams. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience even to decorate for a child's birthday party. If I didn't have any children? Maybe. If you were my next door neighbor? Absolutely.

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