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White Bean Bruschetta

September 30, 2010

This was my first time ever tasting goat cheese and it was so delicious. I loved the sharpness of the cheese with the refreshing taste of the bean mixture topping. I would highly recommend this for a party of any kind.


1 cup canned great northern beans, rinsed and drained
3 plum tomatoes, seeded and chopped
1/4 cup chopped pitted Greek olives
6 tbs olive oil, divided
1/4 cup fresh basil, cut into thin strips
1 tbs minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste
1 French baguette, cut into 1/3 inch thick slices
5 ounces goat cheese
1. In a medium bowl, combine the beans, tomatoes, olives, 4 tablespoons oil, basil, garlic, salt and pepper.

2. Place bread slices on an ungreased baking sheet. Brush with remaining oil. Broil 3-4 in. from the heat until golden, about 1 minute. Spread with cheese; top with bean mixture. 
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