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Whoever thought of computer viruses should be shot.

November 11, 2010

This morning was a lovely morning…the morning a virus took over my computer and deleted A LOT of my pictures!!!! Don’t worry when I say pictures, I do not mean my family pictures, I keep those on an external hard drive (something I suggest you all do). It messed all my food pictures!!! I seriously had at least ten recipes of step by step pictures I had yet to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Forgive the exclamations, but that is the only way I can express my current frustration.

Can I just tell you my computer already had a long list of issues. #1, it is a laptop and the screen is detaching itself from the rest of the computer. It apparently thinks it is too cool to be associated with the rest of itself.  #2, if I attempt to do more then two things at one time it over heats and turns itself off. #3, it sounds like a helicopter when it is on…so loud.

So this morning my computer turned itself off so I just figured I was attempting to multi-task too much. So I turn it back on and it turns off again…weird. So I let it sit for about an hour and turn it on again. Then my anti-virus starts flashing at me, telling me my firewall is not on anymore and then these programs start installing themselves, then my Internet windows close and can’t be opened, then this other program I have never heard of starts searching through my computer. Meanwhile my anti-virus program is flashing telling me I have big problems (basically useless). Next the programs that installed themselves are trying to get me to enter my information. So I unplug my Internet and turn off my computer.

Then I think…oh freak, my pictures! So then I turn back on the computer so I can attempt to save them. I get my jump drive and plug it in and start copying and pasting. I only get about 50 of the at least 400 food pictures that were on my computer until I get the blue screen of DEATH…you know the one telling you that you are basically screwed and there is no hope for you because everything on your computer is destroyed and being used against you somehow. (And here is an update, I just tried to open the files I thought I had copied and they are corrupt!! For lack of a better expression, I’m pissed.)

 And that my friends is how it ended. I am now disconnected from the world until our new computer arrives in ten days. But don’t worry I will still be blogging, just at the local library. So I will try to keep up with replying back to comments, emails and FB messages. I hope you all continue to have virus free lives!

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  1. November 12, 2010 2:07 am

    Oh Joelle I am so sorry! That is horrible. Personally, I'm shocked that your laptop lasted as long as it did. Or that you lasted with it for that long. At least you're getting a new computer; that is exciting.


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