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The Man Cold

February 26, 2011

The man cold has seemed to find its way into my house yet again. For those who don’t exactly know what the man cold is, here is my expert diagnosis…the debilitating condition that is severely life threatening if not dealt with properly. Common symptoms: runny/stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, the occasional cough.

I have found the man cold is only curable with hours and hours of mindless television (please note, it is best if it is sports and the louder the TV the better, so he can really feel like he is in the action), multiple boxes of tissue a day (must be Puffs with lotion as to not irritate the nose), and me to wait on him every two minutes with a positive, caring attitude. Church is never an option when the man cold is involved and going outside unacceptable.

I was lucky enough to get to go to Zumba this morning before the man cold truly set in today. And when Big Daddy came to pick me up we was able to muster enough strength to inform me the house was a disaster, and continued to tell me that he was in no condition to be cleaning. I tell you, I am surprised we don’t hear more stories on the news of men dying from this terrible condition.

I hope this man cold passes quickly so I can have my sexy manly man back.

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  1. Carmel permalink
    February 26, 2011 3:29 pm

    Haha. Big Daddy gets that too? Jeff is the same way!! They are such babies when they are sick…meanwhile when we are sick we are expected to handle life just fine…

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